How to save a relationship from collapse

Relationships are a very good natural occurrence as they happen to everyone.When you start dating someone you will be are crazy about them and all your world revolves around how they make you feel.Given the nature of any relationship it goes without mention that along with the bed of roses also comes raging storms that make it all a roller coaster ride.Sometimes the spark in a relationship fizzles out and many people may look in awe as a once thriving relationship turns so sour overnight without warning.Well this is very normal as love is like a fire and it requires constant refueling,rekindling and patience in pouring in as much effort as possible.All hope is not lost however as it is very possible to save a relationship from the brink of collapse.Many at times as humans we focus a lot on someone else’s mistakes,faults and flaws forgetting that no one is perfect and we all have weaknesses.

Discovering the worst in your partner may be a hard thing and a bitter pill to swallow because when you are dating your world revolves around that person and you never think of the worst.You have an idealized version of this person and that idea is defined by everything perfect and nothing realistic.True to the common statement that love makes you blind,a lot of things that happen in relationships are swept under the rug as you tell yourself that your partner will improve with time since no one is perfect.Things change however when issues spiral out of control and you do everything in your power to try and save your relationship.Something cannot be in need of saving unless it is badly damaged.Depending on the type of strain the relationship has taken different measures of saving the relationship can be taken as far as reaching for possible measures.

The way people in a relationship are when their love story starts might not always be the way they will stay a few months into their relationship.Starting a relationship and staying in one are two different things.Staying requires two people to be truly committed to each other and to know exactly what they want.The sacrifice that two people would make for each other should be worth every fight in them given something goes wrong.Sometimes,not just in relationships but also in life itself-you have to remind yourself why you love something and be prepared to fight for that thing no matter what. This realisation will make you see the importance of saving your relationship if things go sour.

Many aspects of romance might influence why a particular relationship might need saving.Some people change drastically in the course of the relationship.Whether a person has developed a habit of lying habitually, has started cheating or has stopped being the honest, caring and loving person that they were when the relationship started. It is not always advisable and wise to be a short-fused person who makes rushed decisions out of emotion and pain.Humans naturally have an instinct that thrives with being given chances once they make mistakes.Everyone deserves a chance of sitting on the mirror, revaluating themselves and doing a self introspection about what they really want.Every relationship goes through this phase, one way or the other, where it needs saving because after all, love is too much of a beautiful thing to give up on and let go because of a few mistakes that someone would have made.

Nothing in this world is irrepairable even if it is damaged beyond measure.In the same capacity that GOD designed the human body to have tissues that repair themselves when they are damaged, the same can also be applied to relationships. No-matter how bad, everyone has the ability, capacity, strength and willpower to bring out the best out of their relationship and save them to be the beautiful objects that make all of their dreams come true.Therefore it is not all doom and gloom when a relationship is going through a tough phase and in dire need of saving.Despite all this there are some ways that can help in rescuing a relationship from a pit of unending sorrow and heartbreak.Here are some nuggets that can help save a sinking relationship.


The whole point of being together in a relationship is for people to be excellent communicators.Humans beings in general thrive on communication and relationships are no different.Communication forms the basic fundamentals of a relationship and failure to communicate properly will lead you into hurting the other person’s feelings.Communication is good in that it addresses both of your concerns, fears and feelings.A situation whereby both of you assume things just because you are not being able to be open enough to each other is greatly unwanted and undesirable.Talking about issues that build, nature and promote the growth of you as a couple is not only beneficial to you only but it also builds trust amongst the two of you.Trust is very important as it also forms the foundations of loyalty.

2.Evaluate why you are together in the first place

With the drama, emotion and uncertainty of a relationship may also come a dilution of the abundance of the romance that you felt at first.You may have started with so much fire but with time the fire within your hearts might just be extinguished by an array of negative things that may flock your mind.During times like these that’s when it is very necessary to go back to the drawing board and figure out exactly what made you to be together in the first place.How you started and stayed for that long still as lovers can help you resolve conflicts in a relationship.Remind yourself why you liked your partner, approached him/her, liked you back and why you started a relationship.

3.Do something special together.

People are loaded with passions, interests, ideas and goals and we are all privileged because we all have access to these desires of ours.There is even a great advantage if you meet and date someone who shares at least half of your goals and dreams.This way the joy in which you venture into these interest is multiplied because you are doing it with someone that you love and care about.Your partner might like a restaurant that is romantic or even a cuisine that is easy to cook or go and watch a movie together.Then why not invite them over for a special dinner or better yet meet at a neutral place for a picnic.Maybe they are not exactly into food there is always a very large pool of interests to explore that usually your boyfriend or girlfriend is very much interested in.

4.Cut out all external voices

With some people they are very fragile and emotional in a relationship that they are very sensitive to advice and voices.Just a wrong advice can lead a once thriving relationship into the woods.Words are very important and powerful as they either build or destroy and moreso in a relationship.People in relationships should only take advice that builds, nurtures and makes the relationship to grow and thrive.If not cautious a once thriving, beautiful house might all crumble like a deck of cards in an instant.Therefore extreme care and caution has to be taken especially on advices from people.On the flip side of the coin though,there is an explicit difference between advice that destroys and positive critism.Being criticised positively is only meant for you to grow and learn from your weaknesses.Love is blind and sometimes the reason why we cannot see through the eyes of our partners is because we will be so much engrossed in love and perceive them as perfect.However people outside the relationship can see what we cannot see and this may help us in determining the good and the bad of our relationship hence making it grow and last long.There is a need to have an ability to discern though whether the advice builds or destroys us.

5.Take a break from your Relationship

In a relationship they comes a time when you feel you have exhausted all the ideas in the book to save your relationship, the last option left is take a break from each other. The idea of taking a break in a relationship can be the most awful thing & it might break your hearts, nontheless this painful decision is necessary to be taken seriously. Ideally as difficult as it is, this tough decision will give you both enough rooms to breath out and figure out if you really want to be together. That break up period is a moment for each one of you to think clearly without the other person being around.You get to see where both of you are doing it wrong in that relationship and try to resolve it.

6.Follow the rules and boundaries you have set together

You should set boundaries and draw lines than no one is ever supposed to cross.This way your relationship will have rules and it will be governed by those rules.There is a point in a relationship where you have to be strict to each other inorder to save your relationship.You may have to agree on certain things that are difficult to accept but because you love each other you will ultimately be left with no choice but to compromise for each other.There are other rules you might always set for each other that may be boundaries as well.You might agree that neither of you should go out for clubbing or dinner without the other or without the knowledge of the other. To add on friends of the opposite sex may be a huge problem in a relationship if not handled properly.Everyone has friends of the opposite sex especially in relationships but partners should respect their partners enough to introduce these people to them.The girl’s friend becomes the guy’s friend and that way you can hang out together.Problems arise when one has some kind of secret friend of the opposite sex that one does not want to reveal to their partner.

The afore mentioned points are only a fraction of factors that are required for one to consider saving their relationship instead of giving up on it because of certain mistakes.Love is a huge roller coaster laden with ups and downs and leaving someone who has a potential to be a good partner or even to be a future wife or husband is not wise.

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