Does long distance relationship work or last long?

Dating being a global occurrence when two people officialise their romantic attachment.Romance and love brews everywhere and dating has become part of everyone’s livelihoods.They say true love is hard to find-and sure it is as people are now focusing on the superficial side of love instead of the fundamentals that make true love such a beautiful thing.Mostly people prefer relationships whereby their partner is close and they can see them at least frequently-but the evolving cyber and digital world has also come with its changes.With the advent of cyber dating also came the possibilities of long distance relationships.
They used to be taboo considering the possibilities of communication barriers that existed between two people.However technology has evolved over the years and has made long distance relationships such an exciting experience to look forward to and celebrate.The same question lingers on everybody’s mind now and again?Do long distance relationships work and if they do for how long are they sustainable? There are many factors that lead to long distance relationships happening.Some people start dating within each other’s close proximity having the privilege to meet regularly with their other half. Circumstances can or may lead to their separation inevitably as education,career or even politics can give rise to the separation of two people who are dating and in love.When this happens it is not all doom and gloom as there are several ways to get in touch with your other half who is living in a different world. Social media platforms like Whatsapp,Facebook,Twitter,Instagram and Skype have become the modern ways two people living thousands of kilometers apart can communicate and be in touch.
The internet is now littered with an abundance of websites that link and hook up people who find the thrill of dating someone they do not know a very exciting prospect.Connecting with people who are overseas has become easy all the more as the advent of social media has made the dating world accessible at the tip of a thumb. With many dating websites were a  lot of single people who are seeking a lucky shot at love have come in different forms.Instant hookups online have defined relationships that are cyber oriented.This has all gone a long way in making it easy for the start of a long distance relationship but do they work? Whether planned or not dating someone over a long distance has become the norm these days as an everchanging global economy,the prospects of new careers and also the search of greener pasteurs of education and career have all led to the rise of long distance relationships.
Here are some of the pros and cons you need to look at for a  long distance relationship: Pros


Being apart from each other when dating can be a direct result of many factors.Among young people these days it is mainly because of education and career.When you are away from your signifant other,it gives you the privilege to utilise the time you would usually spend together doing your own thing and bettering your life.Many relationships have fizzled out and lost their spark in their early stages of dating because they would have spent too much time together,breathing down each other’s throats all the time which leads to a decrease and a loss in chemistry in a relationship.Time is a very important resource in a relationship and needs to be managed well.After all having a long distance can bring back the spark in a relationship if managed well.Which brings me to my next point.
2.Distance makes the heart grow fonder

Proximity makes two people develop a kind of complacency towards each other and distance is sometimes all that it takes to bring back the spark ,woo your other significant half and sweep them off their feet when the chemistry has faded.Thats when this old adage of long distance in romance becomes true and real.When you are apart you miss each other more than usual, think about each other more and you become great communicators because talking and getting in touch is the only source of connecting to your love.
3.Makes you excellent communicators

Communication is key in a relationship and from it the foundation and roots of a relationship are built.Moreso it increases closeness,intimacy and a connection between two people if done well with commitment.However,if one of two people in a relationship move away from the other the need to communicate more increases as you will constantly need to check up on each other.Every source of social network in the social media is used as communication becomes of paramount importance.What you would have considered as unnecessary because you are in constant contact becomes all the more essential because you are apart and need to be connected romantically and emotionally in a relationship.


One way or the other you are likely to be connected more as a result of separation.When you think about each other and miss each other you become more intimate and this increases the emotional bond between two people.Individuals in a relationship feed from intimacy and rely on it for the growth of their relationship.When it happens that they get together again they are driven by this intimacy and time apart to share steamy moments of hot passion as they make up for the time they were apart from each other.Besides the physical part intimacy gives rise to emotional connection and bond because of distance.When you meet again the conversation is real,the understanding is palpable and the way you get each other is so true.

There is no better way of knowing that someone truly loves you than them staying committed in a long distance relationship.They could be with anyone else that they meet constantly at that moment but still they chose to be with you despite the distance.Given how draining,expensive and sacrificial long distance relationships are it will only imply true dedication,commitment and heart to the cause of the relationship.In a world where getting a girl has become so easy and simple,where people can just enter a bar and leave with a person they will engage in sex with as a one night stand and pick another person the next day,it really means a lot for a person to stay committed to someone whom they only hear a voice from and receive only text messages from.

1.Complications of the Internet
Sometimes you really miss your girlfriend or boyfriend and what matters is you are talking to them.However the Internet is down for some reason as a result of mantainance ,weather or you are behind on your monthly subscriptions.This is very demotivating and emotionally damaging as nothing can replace the urge to talk to your significant other.Internet service delivery differs a lot according to where you stay and live therefore this might affect the relationship.

2.Jealousy and fights

Ever wondered what your boyfriend or girlfriend might be doing at a particular time.Thoughts and ideas begin to flood your head and your mind begins to think what does not exist as you start to assume things.These assumptions usually come when you text or call them and they tell you that they are busy with something.You begin to be a vessel of negativity as you start to bury yourself in thoughts of what they might be doing without you.This leads to major strains and huge fights in the relationship as your resolve of trusting each other is tested to the core.

3.Internet services are expensive in some countries

Services differ according to where you stay and the Internet is no different.If you stay in different timezones obviously the service will be diverse according to cost therefore one of you might be behind on their monthly subscriptions and it becomes difficult for them to get data and be in touch.This requires the other partner to really have an understanding heart because it will be beyond the control of the other person.Internet is not a priority for some and they might choose to invest their time and effort in other facets of their lives as their priorities are tested.

4.Too much distance makes the heart distracted

A certain degree of distance makes the heart grow fonder but too much distance makes the heart to be distracted.There is a certain level of missing someone that is good for the relationship as it increases the desire and passion once you meet again. However if you spend too much time without seeing someone you will be tempted by new things and ideas of what you think a typical relationship is.Love is an emotion that requires a lot of attention as it feeds from it.Sometimes you do not need a text,call or video call from your other half but you just want them to be there physically.

Having looked at both sides of the story one might still wonder if the idea is sustainable or not.The success and the fruition of any relationship is entirely based on its foundation from the start.True love has no distance barrier and thrives exceptionally well with effort,time and commitment.The long distance that exists between two people will end up as a factor that will actually increase the bond between two people who are in love.Time spent apart will make the love grow stronger.On the flip side of the coin however there is still the issue of misunderstandings,fights and jealousy issues that are increased by the long distance.If not handled well they might destroy the relationship but with real love comes trust and commitment.Long distance relationships only works when effort,commitment and real hard work which both parties put to make it fruitful.

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